We can Creatively Help you

Go From...

Being frustrated, busy and overwhelmed.



 Know that you can get some time to yourself.
Be able to get things finished without being interrupted.
Get that well deserved break from your kids.



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If you're a member of the Smart Art Club... ALL live classes are included in your membership.

Everything You Need in One Place

  • Your kids will learn expand upon their art techniques and styles
  • You don't teach anything!
  • We got you covered
  • Attend all Art Classes included
  • NO books to buy
  • All that is needed are basic art supplies and an electronic device to watch the videos.
  • Includes access to our app
  • Taught by a licensed Art teacher with over 10 years of teaching experience
  • For ages of 5 - 14 years old
  • Classes are not just about Art
  • Classes incorporate Math, Literature, Science, Geography, History and more
  • Give your artsy child the classes they crave
  • Live classes include immediate feedback, discussions and collaboration with other students online.
  • Live classes are recorded and available for viewing at your leisure.

No Experience Needed!


What Art Supplies

Do We Need?

What's the easiest way that I can get them?
I have a list of supplies that I use and
where to get them.
Get your supplies here.
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$10 Per Month

Only $17 a month

Woo Hoo!

Attend to ALL the Live Streaming Art Classes you want because they are included in your Membership!

You will receive a bundle of classes a month along with all of your past classes. and the entire library.

Get into all the Live Art Classes you want.

Your monthly rate is locked in for life...as long as you're a member in good standing.

Monthly Membership

$57 Per Year

$97 a year

WOW! 2 months FREE!

What a great deal!

Your child gets to create masterpieces while being able to home learning art classes with other students and the teacher! And you get a break.

Specialized art classes for your children's age so that they can feel empowered!  A total must! Bonus, they are all online and can be watched whenever you kids want to watch them.

So you get both live streaming online art classes and then you get even more specialized classes that are recorded so you don't have to miss out on any class.

Yearly Membership

Here is how you can get a mental break from your kids when you're stuck together.

How is this going to help you out?  Well, if you are a parent of a creative elementary student and have no idea what to do with them, then my internet art classes are for you.

First off, all you need are basic supplies like markers, crayons, color pencils and construction paper for your child to create beautiful artworks. 

All the supplies can be bought online, which is recommended.  Also, each art class teaches your child about other subjects while creating their art. 

This is how your child will still keep up with their education without them knowing it.

Got Creative Kids?

But don't have the creative gene?

Smart Art Live Internet Art Classes

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