Who is Ms. Cutler?

Ms. Frizzle of Art

About Ms. Cutler

A little about my education. 

I am currently an Art Teacher.

I have am certified to teach both General Education and Art Education.

I have taught both Art and General Education.

I have taught in some capacity of education for over 8 years.

I have two college degrees:

Associates in Interior Archetecture

Bachelors in Business Marketing


I believe that everyone is an artist in some way or another.

My grandmother encouraged me to be an artist.  I would spend my time at her house watching her paint and looking at her art books.  This encouraged me to continue my love of art.

I am an artist of a lot of mediums. Some are as followed.

  • Photography
  • Graphic Design
  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Collage
  • Charcoal
  • And many more. (I like to dabble in all mediums to see if I like them.)


First off let me tell you why I'm here. I have 2 sisters that homeschool their kids. While they do that, I teach Art in public schools. One day they mentioned to me that they couldn't find any art classes to take their girls to in our area. They didn't have time to figure out how to teach the art lessons to them, they wanted someone else to teach the girls art. They also didn't want the girls to just do crafts. They thought that this wasn't what teaching art should be like. They looked everywhere to find classes for the girls and came up empty. There were places they could drive to, but they were over 60 miles away.

That's where I came in. I mentioned that I could teach the girls the same lessons that I teach my classes. (Kindergarten to 8th grade) They jumped at the opportunity. They knew that I didn't teach the kids to just create crafts, but actual visual art projects. They also knew that I taught more than just Art History and that I love to incorporate other subjects into my lessons.

So, after I taught the art lesson to my nieces, the girls wanted more art classes like that. They also told other homeschool friends about their aunt teaching them art.

That was the Ah-Ha! for me. I could help other homeschool students experience educational visual art classes from their own homes. I could record myself teaching the classes. Then they could watch anytime and follow along with me to create their projects. A Ready-To-Go Art class for the busy homeschool mom.
So that is why I came up with Smart Art Club for Homeschool.

Just a little about me personally.  I am the second eldest of six kids.  I have 17 nieces and nephews.  I am a fur parent of a 9-year old fun, sassy tabby cat named Bunni. Yes, her name is Bunni. Long story about how she came about her name. I'll tell you'll about that another time.  I love all animals.  I wish I had a large farm/acreage where I could rescue cats, dogs and other animals. Especially older animals to have a fur-ever home for the rest of their lives. 

I am a HUGE supporter of our armed forces.  I treasure their and their family's sacrifices everyday and wish them a safe return.  They are whom keep us safe need our respect.  So, "Thank You all for Your Service!".

I am an avid book reader.  I have been known to go through 4 - 400+ books in a long weekend.  I find amazing series through my students at work.  I like the Young Adult book series like, "Artemis Fowl", "The Ranger's Apprentice" and "The Magical Academy". 

Movies are my Achilles heel. I am obsessed with movies.  I'm one of those people whom buy pre-opening day tickets to movies I want to see. I am also a HUGE fan of Star Wars! I a fan before Star Wars became popular.  My newest obsession is Anime.  My students at school have enlightened me to amazing Anime series. One of my favorites is My Hero Academia and Black Clover.

Well, that is a little bit of information into the life of Ms. Cutler.  ;-)

I truly believe that everybody is an artist.
Some may scoff at that statement but think about it this way. Everything you do, from picking out what to wear, writing your name, and driving is art. You have to know how colors, patterns, and textures coordinate to appease the eye like a fashion designer. Writing your name is a form of fonts and typeface which is graphic design. Just the way you drive your vehicle can create art. Think about your routes to and from work, friends, stores and other places. If you could look at a birds-eye-view and traced your movements you could get very interesting art.

I have explained this to my students that already hate art. Some have turned around and created amazing works of art. Others had that Ah-Ha moment in realizing that they already were creating art without their knowledge.

Every student is capable of creating art. What I try to stress is that everyone learns at a different pace and ability. SO that they should not compare their art to someone else's art. It may be that a person enjoys drawing better than painting or they like to create collages or take photos.
I love introducing other subjects into my art lesson. Showing authentic pictures or artifacts of the subject that I am teaching about is amazing. It allows for a deeper connection between the art project and real life. If I am talking about castles, most would picture castles that they have seen. By introducing real castles and giving facts as to why castles had certain architectural features; it provides a deeper understanding. This deeper understanding then shows in their artwork. They are not just drawing what they were told to draw. They can actually place architectural features where they should go.

I am proud of all the artwork my students create. They are showing a little piece of themselves to you.

Thank you.


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