Frequently Asked Questions


Online Art Classes for Your Creative Children

  • Art classes that YOU do NOT have to teach
  • Ready-Set-Go Classes
  • Ages range from 5 to 14 years old.

  • Classes are taught by a Licensed Teacher.

  • Classes are educational and are not crafts or Pinterest projects.

  • Students will learn about art history, art terminology, techniques, artists and skills.

  • Art classes incorporate other subjects into each class. Some of the subjects are reading, science, history and math.

  • The art classes are taught at student’s skill level but all are welcome to join in.

  • Classes are online and are taught through videos.

Each month you will receive a bundle of classes plus the current library of classes for the life of your membership.

You will receive more bundles of classes a year with your membership.

Ready-To-Go Art

Classes Easy for Your Child to Start

Classes available through our app

Classes Available Anytime

Artist for Over 25 years

Licensed Art Teacher

For ages of 5 - 14 years old

Taught Online

More Than Painting Projects

Educational Art Classes

Combine Math, Literature, Science, Geography and History While Creating Art

Individual Online Art Gallery

A bundle is delivered on the 1st of every month.

Each month you will receive a bundle of classes plus all of the previous classes. 

You will always have access to the entire library of classes as long as you are a current member.

Most classes are around an hour long. Other classes will take 2 days to finish mainly because of drying time.

When your child goes to class they will log into "The Art Room" and select a class to attend. Then gather the simple supplies, an electronic device and select the first post. Then continue on with each video and activities.

Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy

No. There are no books to buy. 

The classes are Ready-to-Go. All you need to do is get the supplies, turn on the video and start creating. I will do the rest.  I are also have other accommodations for different learning styles and abilities for your classes.

  • A membership is $60 a year.

    • We offer 2 options to pay.

      • Option 1: A yearly membership now and get 2 months free. or

      • Option 2: A monthly membership of $17.

  • All payments are on a reoccurring schedule. You may cancel at anytime.

  • Because you are here, you will become a Founding Member.  The price of membership will not be this low again. 
  • Each month a new bundle of classes will be added to "The Art Room". This is where you access the classes.  It is also where you will have access to the entire library of classes provided you are a current member.

We don't want to see you go.  But if you need to cancel your membership you can anytime.

Month to month payments will stop after the current month. If you are charged for the next month, please email us at hello@smartartclub.co as soon as possible. So that we can rectify this situation.

There are no refunds on past membership fees.

If you should decide to come back, the cost of your registration will reflect the current rate for membership.

There are 2 options for you.

First, you can take a Free Sample class just to see if I am a match for you. Enter your email and receive the class usually within 15 to 20 minutes.

Next, You can go Join and give your little artist fun and creative art classes.


You will have access to "The Art Room" immediately after.

Then your child can pick a class, gather the simple supplies and electronic device and start creating.

Artsy Kids' Sample Lesson

Enter your information to sample a class.  Make sure that Smart Art Homeschool is right for you.


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