Is ART Important to Your Child?

Art is important in your child's educational development. Studies show that art increases a child's ability to be innovative and solve problems. Art also improves test scores, concentration and complex problem solving.

Art is more than just being able to draw. Art is everywhere. It is in everything that we see and do.

Art is also used as therapy for depression, anxiety, stress and expressing emotions and assist with non-verbal students.

 Help strengthen your child's cognitive, emotional and artistic skills.

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Can I Teach ART to My Child?

Moms come to me all of the time and ask what to do when their artsy homeschooled child wants to create art from school.

They are worried that because they are not artsy themselves then they can't teach art to their children.

With over 10 years of experience in education and teaching art, I love experiencing the growth and skills of the creative child.

As an artist of many different art mediums, I am able to challenge your little artist's creative abilities.  That way you do not have to worry about being artsy yourself.

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Everything You Need in One Place

Your kids will learn new art techniques and styles

NO books to buy

All that is needed are basic art supplies and an electronic device to watch the videos.

Includes access to our app

Taught by a licensed Art teacher with over 10 years of teaching experience

For ages of 5 - 14 years old

Classes are not just about Art

Classes incorporate Math, Literature, Science, Geography, History and more


With Smart Art Homeschool

Your children will be able to create art on their own and feel confidant in their abilities at the end of each project.

Children will not only learn different styles of art, but also terms and definitions. Other subjects are intertwined with each lesson whether it is reading a book, watching an informative video, or just terms shown during the class.

Classes are not just about art or just painting.

Without Smart Art Homeschool

You will have to spend months learning new art techniques, figure out through trial and error to discover what your family can use.

You might want to just give up and forget doing art altogether at this point. Then your children will miss out on the opportunity to become creative thinkers and problem solvers.

You will have to find local art tutors or art studios that your children can attend. You will lose the flexibility of your schedule because it will be contingent on the time frame of the tutor or studio. You will have to look at the drive time, wear and tear on your vehicle and gas. Is it worth it?

It would be awful to miss out on this unique, flexible and fulfilling way to help your children learn.

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Go From...

Being frustrated, busy and overwhelmed driving your little artist to classes around town while balancing all of your other responsibilities. 


Feeling like "mom of the year" because you found an easy way to teach your favorite little art geek...while being able to stay home.



Would you like to become a part of the most amazing art club for homeschool families on the internet?

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